Translation Use Case: Validate

Author: Mark Hedley

Owner: AVD Team

Version: 1

August 14, 2012

Main Success Scenario

To achieve the goal the actor will:

  1. Run the validation rules on the dataset
  2. Obtain feedback on each validation failure:
    • listing shards are involved in the failure
    • for each shard, which validation rule they failed

Validation Rules


  • Namespace: MO-UM:
    • MO-UM.STASH:
      • Met Office STASH Code
    • MO-UM.FC:
      • Met Office Field Code
  • Namespace: CF
    • CF.SN:
      • CF standard name
    • CF.CU:
      • CF canonical unit
  • Namespace: WMO-GRIB
    • WMO-GRIB.PC:
      • WMO-GRIB Parameter Code
  • Namespace: MO-NI
    • MO-NI.PC:
      • Met Office NIMROD Parameter Code


  1. No attribute may have a value of ‘’: an empty string
  2. MO-UM.STASH to CF.SN:
    1. one MO-UM.STASH shard to many CF.SN shards is banned
  3. MO-UM.FC to CF.SN:
    1. one MO-UM.FC shard to many CF.SN is banned
    2. many MO-UM.FC shards to one CF.SN is banned
  4. WMO-GRIB.PC to CF.SN:
    1. one WMO-GRIB.PC shard to many CF.SN is banned
  5. WMO-NI.PC to CF.SN:
    1. one MO-NI.PC shard to many CF.SN shards is banned
    2. many MO-NI.PC shard to one CF.SN shard is banned
  6. No closed paths may exist between namespaces:
    1. directed acyclic graphs only
  7. All units of measure which link to CF shards must be able to be transformed to the relevant CF.CU
  8. Preferred Routing:
    1. Where validation rule 6 requires a deprecation change, the preferred path is through the CF namespace.